The third time’s the charmer they say

Hi, there.

This is my billionth attempt at creating a blog. Whatever. This one is actually going to be mostly anonymous, except maybe to one or two people in my life. Idk who…maybe no one, honestly. Right now, I need a place to stick my thoughts and clear my head. Which is kind of stupid, because I have a journal for that, but I don’t really care. Journals don’t have pretty layouts like WordPress does.

I’m a music ed major, currently student teaching, quickly approaching the end of my semester-long placement. How heartbroken I am about that is a post best saved for another day. However, I am really starting to see how close I am to the end of my childhood. College (or at least undergrad), in my opinion, is just an extension of childhood, even for those of us who have a lot of independence throughout it, like me. But I’ll have my Bachelor’s degree in just 6 months and 2 days. It’s crazy. And then I’ll join the real world.

Throughout high school and college, I have had a lot of drama follow me wherever I went. That’s the case with anyone, obviously, but I have had family issues and failed friendships up the yin-yang. Last spring and this semester, in particular, have been really rough. And now, after experiencing the closest thing to “real life” for a whole semester, on top of turning 21 two weeks ago and finally being an adult age, I have a new perspective looking back on the events of my life. For the first time, I may have regrets, and I definitely have “what ifs”. Here is where I’m going to work these things out, so I can find some sort of inner peace, finally. If you’d like to read it, that’s fine by me. Just know that it may get pretty dark occasionally. But, as always, I will be looking to the future to keep me going.